Intel will launch the Core i7-13790F Black Edition

Last year, Intel launched a processor called Core i5-12490F for the Chinese market, which has very similar specifications to the Core i5-12500. The difference is that the Core i5-12490F has a larger L3 cache, while the Core i5-12500 has a UHD 770 iGPU. The Core i5-12490F is a bit like the non-iGPU version of the Core i5-12500. Due to the high-cost performance of the Core i5-12490F, it has been favored by many players. Intel also chose to continue the original strategy on the new generation of Raptor Lake and continue to launch this black edition without a radiator.

Recently, information about the Core i5-13490F processor has flowed out, showing that it has 6 P-Cores and 4 E-Cores like the Core i5-13400, but the L3 cache has increased from 20MB to 24MB, and the boost clock has also been increased from 4.6GHz to 4.8GHz. According to TomsHardware reports, in addition to the Core i5-13490F, Intel will also add a special black edition this year, which will be the Core i7-13790F with a higher positioning, which has no iGPU like the Core i5-13490F.

It is understood that both the Core i7-13790F and the Core i5-13490F black edition will use an Alder Lake-S chip composed of 8 P-Cores and 8 E-Cores, that is, the C0 core, to maximize the use of the remaining chips. Unlike the Core i5-13490F specifications being exposed, there is no specific specification information for the Core i7-13790F yet.