Intel will form a new GPU R&D team in the UK

While Intel has yet to officially release its Intel Arc-branded Alchemist (DG2) graphics card, it seems there are more plans on the way for GPUs. Recently, Intel officially published a new job posting to seek experienced hardware design engineers to develop low-power GPU architectures for portable devices.

ARC Druid graphics cards

Intel said in its recruitment content that it is preparing to establish a new team in the UK, focusing on low-power GPU architecture design. For next-generation portable devices, candidates are required to have proven skills in a range of engineering disciplines, including architecture, hardware design, and software-driven design. This means that Intel may use a proprietary GPU architecture on mobile devices other than laptops in the future.

Intel writes in the job description:

Intel Xe Architecture and IP Engineering (XAE) Low Power Group bring Intel’s technical strategy to life. We combine innovations in architecture, software, and graphics technology to go beyond transistor excellence in order to drive competitive advantages at the product and solution level. We smash the status quo and think exponentially to achieve what’s never done before, driving excellence in processing power, memory, connectivity, and security, as well as hardware and software optimization. Our culture of continuous learning, diverse thinking, fearless leadership, and inclusive teamwork makes it possible for XAE to turn ambitious ideas into seamless execution. We are building a brand new team in the UK to focus solely on class-leading low power GPU architectures and designs to enable the next generation of portable computing. This requires proven skills in a range of engineering disciplines from architecture, hardware design, software driver design all with low power as the key focus.

The location of the relevant work is located in Swindon in the southwest of England, about 145 kilometers from London and about 200 kilometers from Cambridge, the UK technology center.