Intel officially discontinued Ice Lake-U, Comet Lake-U and Lakefield series processors

According to ComputerBase reports, Intel Quality Document Management System (QDMS) shows that Intel has discontinued the production of three low-power series products, including the Comet Lake-U series and Ice Lake-U series belonging to the 10th generation Core, and the Lakefield series belonging to the 11th generation Core. These processors are no longer in Intel’s plan and will be phased out gradually. The final shipment date for different models is between April and July 2022.

Among these processors, it is expected that Intel Comet Lake-U and Ice Lake-U will be replaced by Tiger Lake-U, which belongs to the 11th-generation Core, but it’s a bit surprising that the Lakefield series, which belongs to the 11th-generation Core, is discontinued so quickly.

Intel Iris Xe

There are only two products in the Lakefield series, the Core i5-L16G7, and the Core i3-L13G4, both of which use one large and four small core configurations. The big core is Sunny Cove, which is the same microkernel on Ice Lake, and the smaller core is Tremont, which is the latest member of the Atom family. The whole core has a 4MB cache. It uses Foveros 3D packaging technology. The area of ​​the entire chip is 12 x 12 x 1 mm. The package contains not only the calculation part but also a layer of the I/O logic part and two layers of DRAM. Among them, DRAM is directly packaged above the computing core in the form of PoP.

The Lakefield series is Intel’s first x86 processor that supports hybrid architecture technology, released in June 2020. It’s only a year away from now. Although from a technical point of view, the Lakefield series is quite advanced, from a commercial point of view, the Lakefield series is a failed product. The discontinuation of the Lakefield series also means that Intel will not produce processors with mixed architectures for the time being before Alder Lake is released.