Intel is preparing a new desktop Arc graphics card with 16 Xe-Cores

At present, Intel’s Alchemist architecture has only two GPUs, ACM-G10 and ACM-G11. The former has 32 sets of Xe cores, while the latter has only 8 sets. This huge difference in specifications leads to a huge gap in specifications between A580 and A380 graphics cards. The Arc A580, which has not yet been officially launched, has 24 sets of Xe cores, but the A380 only has 8 sets of Xe cores. In fact, there is an A550M with 16 sets of Xe cores in the mobile market, but this product is also based on the ACM-G10 GPU.

Now there is an Intel graphics card with 256 sets of EUs in the CompuBench database, that is, 16 Xe cores. This graphics card uses a beta driver, which should be Intel’s internal test card. The GPU frequency is 2400~2450MHz. From the frequency point of view, this card is not an A550M, but an unreleased desktop graphics card.

In fact, there was news a few weeks ago that Intel would launch a new mainstream Arc A series desktop graphics card in the first quarter of 2023. In addition to the previously announced A580, Intel may still be preparing the desktop version of the A550. It is also reported that Intel is developing a third Alchemist architecture GPU named ACM-G12. This GPU happens to have 16 sets of Xe cores, which fits very well with the new card exposed this time.

This may be the graphics card of the A550, which has half the GPU specifications of the A770, but in CompuBench, its performance is about 42% slower than A770, but this test is based on OpenCL, so it is not of great reference value for gamers.

Source: CompuBench via KOMACHI_ENSAKA