Intel CEO emphasizes that products such as Arrow Lake will be released in 2024

Earlier reports stated that with the cost-cutting plan implemented recently and the ongoing weakness of the PC market, as well as AMD’s aggressive attack, Intel’s product roadmap has been frequently revised. Intel has notified TSMC that it will postpone its 3nm orders to the fourth quarter of 2024 for the GPU modules needed for Arrow Lake, due to the cost-cutting plan. This has raised concerns that Intel will delay the launch of its new products using the 3nm process.

Recently, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger responded to rumors about the delay of Intel 3 and TSMC N3 processes. In a meeting to restructure capital allocation, he emphasized that all products using the 3nm process level announced so far will be released in 2024, and these projects are progressing in an orderly manner.

So far, Intel has disclosed three products manufactured using the 3nm semiconductor process technology, which are Arrow Lake, Granite Rapids, and Sierra Forest. Arrow Lake is the 15th generation Core processor, Granite Rapids is the Xeon processor based on performance cores, and Sierra Forest is the Xeon processor based on efficiency cores.

The situation is more complicated for the 3nm modules produced by TSMC. Intel originally planned to introduce TSMC’s N3 process on the next-generation Meteor Lake for manufacturing GPU modules, which was supposed to be released within this year, but later changed to the N5 process, pushing the N3 process back to Arrow Lake. Intel’s choice has nothing to do with TSMC’s N3 process itself, as the latter clearly has more experience at the 3nm level and announced mass production last year.