Intel Battlemage G21 Confirmed, But What About G10 and G31?

As early as August of the preceding year, reports had emerged that Intel had commenced trials of the Battlemage GPU within their laboratories. Unfortunately, these discussions were not followed by official communiqués, leaving much to speculation. Recently, however, two Battlemage graphics cards were spotted in the SiSoftware Sandra database. Despite this sighting, their specifications suggest they are unlikely to be flagship offerings.

The only Battlemage GPU that has been conclusively identified thus far is the model G21, observed within the confines of Intel’s research facilities. Rumored additions to this product line include the G10 and G31 models. The existence of the Battlemage-G10 was recently corroborated by @momomo_us, who discovered it listed in a recent shipping document.

Battlemage architecture GPU

The presence of both the G10 and G21 GPUs had been hinted at in a leaked, unofficial product roadmap last year. According to this document, the G10 is poised to be a flagship GPU with a TDP of less than 225W, while the G21 is designed as a mainstream GPU with a TDP of less than 150W, essentially serving as the successor to the current ACM-G10. The ACM-G11, utilized in the A380, is rumored to be replaced by the ACM-G20, which is based on the Alchemist+ architecture. Additionally, there has been speculation about another GPU, the ACM-G21, although its existence remains unconfirmed.

With NVIDIA and AMD anticipated to unveil new graphics card architectures this year, the prospect of Intel’s Battlemage GPU outperforming the latest offerings from these seasoned market competitors appears improbable. The focus, therefore, shifts to evaluating the performance and cost-effectiveness of Intel’s upcoming graphics cards. It is expected that Intel will divulge further details about the Battlemage in the coming months, with potential announcements at Vision 2024 in April and a keynote presentation at Computex in June, presenting ample opportunities for updates.