Intel Arrow Lake-H features 6P+8E configuration for mobile platforms

According to Intel‘s previously disclosed roadmap, the next-generation Arrow Lake processors are set to be released in 2024. Arrow Lake represents a comprehensive design philosophy, anticipated to span across a significant portion of Intel’s consumer product lines, including both desktop and mobile platforms.

Recently, Moore’s Law is Dead shared the latest details, revealing the Arrow Lake-H chip tailored for mobile platforms. It remains uncertain whether these images are actual photographs or renderings. Given Arrow Lake’s adoption of a chiplet design, virtual modules might have been employed in certain areas to ensure the integrity of the presentation.

Intel is reportedly preparing to distribute Arrow Lake samples to its partners, yet some collaborators express concerns regarding the feasibility of supplying the new products by year’s end. The Arrow Lake-H is expected to succeed the 14th-generation Core H series of mobile processors next year, powering the new generation of mobile gaming platforms and notebooks designed for lightweight content creation.

Leaked shipping documents from the end of last year indicate that Arrow Lake-H shares the same core configuration as Meteor Lake, comprising 6 P-Cores paired with 8 E-Cores, albeit with a higher power consumption setting of 45W TDP. In contrast, Meteor Lake, excluding the Core 9 Ultra model, is primarily targeted at power levels below 30W. The CPU architecture of Arrow Lake-H diverges significantly from Meteor Lake, with P-Cores and E-Cores upgraded to the new Lion Cove and Skymont architectures, respectively, and possibly abandoning the longstanding hyperthreading technology on P-Cores. Furthermore, the GPU architecture will evolve from Xe-LPG to Xe-LPG+, with the integrated graphics listed as GT2. However, rumors suggest that the LP E-Cores of the SOC will continue to utilize Meteor Lake’s Crestmont architecture.

Intel’s CEO, Pat Gelsinger, is slated to deliver a keynote address on Tuesday, June 4, during the COMPUTEX 2024 event. He may showcase the Core Ultra 2 series, synonymous with the Arrow Lake codename, although it remains unclear whether the focus will be on mobile or desktop processors. The official launch of Arrow Lake is expected to occur in the fourth quarter of this year.