Intel 4th-Gen Haswell processor will be disabled DirectX 12 due to security vulnerability

Recently, Intel discovered a security vulnerability in the processor, but the vulnerability is in the older fourth-generation Core processor Haswell, and it is not the processor itself that has a security vulnerability, but in the graphics drivers. It will happen once the DirectX 12 API is loaded, and the solution given by Intel is also very simple and rude. Disabling DirectX 12 directly can solve the problem.

Intel 11th Gen Core B

Starting from Intel’s graphics card driver, the DirectX 12 API will be disabled for the core display of the fourth-generation Core Haswell processor. The affected graphics include Iris Pro Graphics 5200, Iris Graphics 5100, HD Graphics 5000/4600/4400/4200 with the fourth-generation Core processor, and HD Graphics on the fourth-generation Pentium and Celeron processors.

Intel said that if users of Haswell processors want to continue to support the DX12 API, it is recommended to reduce the driver version of these processors’ graphics to or lower.