October 24, 2020

Instagram was found to be quietly calling the camera on iOS 14 devices

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Previously, TikTok frequently accessed the clipboard and caused heated discussions. iOS 14 brought special prompts for permissions such as clipboard reading, microphone, and camera.

However, TikTok is not the only problem with violations. In fact, after testing a variety of applications, the user found that a large number of applications abused permissions to steal user privacy.

For example, Facebook’s well-known social application Instagram was found to visit the camera secretly, even if the user did not shoot content, the camera application will be called.

A few days ago, some users found that even if there is no shooting content, a green dot on the top of the iOS 14 version indicates that the current camera application is being called by an application.

Open the control center by swiping upwards, and you can find that the Instagram application is quietly calling the camera, but what makes users wonder is that they didn’t shoot the content.

This means that the application calls the camera privately when the user is not using it, and the user cannot know what the camera is calling.

And this behavior also makes many users fall into deep fear. After all, some applications you use may call the camera in the background to monitor your every move.

Later, Instagram officially responded that there was no secretly taking photos of users, and the problem of calling the camera was just that there was a bug that would be fixed in subsequent versions.

Although the application has stated that there is no illegal behavior of sneaking users, a large number of users are still very angry that the official response is completely unreliable.

After all, if the user did not upgrade the iOS 14 version, they would not be able to find this problem, and no one knew when the app started calling the camera quietly.

It is naturally difficult to be convinced that it is a bug when it is discovered, especially Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, which has been found to call the camera quietly before.

In terms of Facebook’s reputation, it is hard to believe that there is no privacy stealing behind this, after all, the company has been found to have multiple privacy security issues before.

Via: theverge