ImmuniWeb releases dark web data leakage monitoring tool

ImmuniWeb releases dark web data leakage monitoring tool

Recently, artificial intelligence application security company ImmuniWeb has released a new free dark web monitoring tool for monitoring and measuring the exposure of organizations on the dark web. The tool can also be used through a free API, which makes it a useful tool for SOC security analysts to discover new web security and privacy threats in a timely manner.

To improve the decision-making process of cybersecurity professionals, the free tool can search the dark web market, hacker forums, and Surface Web resources (such as Pastebin or GitHub) to understand the classification structure of data that is on sale or leaked. Using this tool to conduct a dark web search is very simple, just enter the domain name of your business.

This week, more than 26 million user records (including plain text passwords) leaked by LiveJournal appeared on the dark web market for as low as $35. Also shockingly, this week, there were 31 SQL databases (including 1.6 million rows of client data) leaked from e-commerce sites on the dark web.

According to a risk-based safety report, 7,098 violations were reported in 2019, exposing more than 15.1 billion records, the worst year on record . Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigation Report states that more than 80% of data breaches in the hacking category involve the use of lost or stolen credentials.

According to a report released by ImmuniWeb in 2019, the number of login credentials of Fortune 500 companies being sold on the dark web is as high as 21 million.