iFixit: iPhone 12 mini battery packs an 8.57 Wh

The iPhone 12 mini is by far the smallest full-screen iPhone. In order to achieve such a small size, Apple naturally has to make some sacrifices. The first is the battery. Compared to the iPhone 12, the battery of the iPhone 12 mini has shrunk from 10.78Wh to 8.57Wh, but it is still a bit larger than the 6.96Wh of the iPhone SE.

We’re impressed by the additional camera in this small-bodied phone, but it may have come at the expense of the already paltry battery life. Hard to stay mad at this li’l guy, though.

Image: iFixit

In addition, the Taptic Engine vibration motor has also been reduced by 25%, and the speakers and ambient light sensors have also been compressed and put together closely.

Since the US version of the iPhone needs to support the millimeter-wave 5G network, there is a square near the camera module of the US version of the iPhone 12 mini, which is supposed to be a millimeter-wave 5G antenna.

The iPhone 12 mini does bring an interesting new feature: increased grille asymmetry (presumably to Jony Ive’s chagrin). It appears that the smaller phone needs a little more space for that antenna band.

iFixit believes that it is possible for most people to replace the front screen or battery, but if the glass on the back breaks, iFixit is afraid that the entire phone will be replaced. Although this phone has made a lot of sacrifices in terms of specifications, fortunately, it did not cause much trouble to repair.