September 22, 2020

IBM announces Cloud Annotations, open source image annotation tool

1 min read

Data annotation is a daunting task in the training of AI models, and developers must manually annotate thousands of images to train them. To simplify this process, IBM has open-sourced a new automatic annotation tool and made it part of the open-source Cloud Annotations project.

Cloud Annotations is a fast, easy, and collaborative open-source image annotation tool. This new tool uses AI to help developers annotate data without having to manually draw labels over the entire image dataset. Simply select the “Auto Label” button from the dashboard to automatically label uploaded image samples.

Powered by IBM Cloud Object Storage, Cloud Annotations enables users to store the required amount of data, access it from anywhere, and share it in real-time among multiple collaborators. The product is also optimized for machine learning and cloud-native workloads that require large amounts of data.

How it works

To take advantage of the new tool:

  1. A user uploads and labels a subset of photos via the Cloud Annotations GUI.
  2. The user then trains a model following these instructions.
  3. The tool uses that model to label more photos. Simply select “Auto label” in the GUI and the tool will take over the task of labeling photos.
  4. User reviews new labels.

The Cloud Annotation is available on Github.