Huawei releases Huawei’s Position Paper on Cyber Security

Recently, Huawei released the “Huawei’s Position Paper on Cyber Security” to sets out the company’s philosophies and policies on cybersecurity. It also provides Huawei’s view on the issues and suggested solutions. This paper aims to help governments, the industry, and other stakeholders correctly analyze the issues and find effective solutions.  The purpose of this statement is to help governments, industry and other stakeholders to properly analyze problems and find effective solutions.

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In addition, Huawei provides two suggestions for enhancing network security:

1. Governments and industry organizations should work together to create unified cyber security standards. These should be technology neutral standards that apply equally to all companies and networks. The telecom industry has a long history of developing shared standards in order to promote the continuity, reliability, and interoperability of telecom networks.

2. Once we have unified cyber security standards, we should embrace independent verification across the board. The ICT industry needs to establish third-party cyber security verification mechanisms for all industries and companies. This will ensure any cyber security related conclusion is based on facts, not feelings. Verifiable facts and unified verification standards will, in turn, lead to objective results that enable organizations to compare and choose products based on their security requirements.