Google Stadia controller will continue to work after Stadia is shut down

Google’s cloud gaming service Stadia will be closed on January 18 this year, and in addition to providing refund services for users, Google is also working on the availability of the Stadia controller, the only piece of hardware the cloud gaming service sells after the service shuts down.

The controller is a symmetrical handle that supports both wireless and wired connections. However, the wireless connection is only suitable for playing Stadia cloud games. If you want to use it on PCs, mobile phones, and other devices, you must use a wired connection. Therefore, Google recently announced that it will provide a tool for players to unlock the wireless connection restrictions of the Stadia’s controller by themselves so that the handle can be connected to more devices using Bluetooth.

Compared with some devices that are no longer available after stopping software services, Google’s behavior is undoubtedly more conscientious.

Although Google has withdrawn from the competition in the cloud game market, players still have a lot of choices, such as Microsoft’s Xbox cloud game and NVIDIA’s GeForce Now. Or wait until the Stadia controller is unlocked, maybe players can use this handle to play Xbox cloud games. After all, this handle is actually the same as the Xbox handle except that the joystick layout is symmetrical.

Via: liliputing