Google requires all developers to provide in-app and web-based account deletion options by December 7th

As part of providing users with greater transparency and control over their account data, Google announced a new policy on Wednesday: All apps listed on Google Play must offer an account deletion option within the app and on a web page by December 7, 2023, allowing users to manage their data retention preferences. Upon receiving an account deletion request, developers must delete the data.

This new policy primarily affects apps and games that require registration or login. Developers are required to provide an account deletion button within the app and on a web page, enabling users who have uninstalled the app to submit deletion requests online without having to reinstall the app.

According to the new policy, developers must delete the account and associated data upon receiving a deletion request. Additionally, this feature offers developers the option to allow users to delete data only while retaining their accounts.

If developers need to retain data for legitimate reasons such as security, fraud prevention, or other regulatory requirements, they must explicitly disclose their data retention practices, informing users of the reasons for retaining data and the duration before deletion.

Google understands that implementing a deletion feature and developing a web-based deletion option may take time, so developers unable to complete the deletion functionality by December 7th can apply for an extension in the Google Play Console. However, the relevant functionality must be provided by May 31, 2024, at the latest.

As for the consequences of non-compliance with the new feature, it goes without saying that such actions violate developer policies and may result in Google delisting or prohibiting updates to the app.