Google released the Android 14 official version

During the “Made by Google” event held in New York, Google announced that the Pixel 8 series would be the pioneer to feature the Android 14 operating system. Moreover, they declared that devices beginning with the Pixel 4a and onward would be eligible for an upgrade to Android 14. Concurrently, other smartphone brands, including Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, OnePlus, realme, vivo, iQOO, Sharp, Sony, Nothing, and Tecno, will successively receive the Android 14 update.

Furthermore, beginning with the Pixel 8 series, Google has committed to offering an extended operating system update assurance lasting up to seven years for Pixel phones. This commitment also encompasses seven years of software technical support, aiming to prolong the phone’s usability, potentially introducing enhanced software capabilities over time.

Originally, starting from the Pixel 6 series, Google had provided a five-year operating system update assurance. This recent proclamation extends that commitment by two years, signifying a robust measure to mitigate issues of phones being discarded due to outdated operating systems. This extension also aims to prolong the duration users retain their devices or even increase the feasibility of recycling older models.

As for the recently unveiled Android 14, Google has seamlessly integrated an array of artificial intelligence applications. This ensures the operating system is more attuned to individual user needs and also boasts an enhanced, intuitive user interface experience.