Google offers free translation service for Android developers

At the recent Games Summit hosted by Google, the company announced the launch of a complimentary translation service for Android developers. This initiative will enable developers to effortlessly localize their applications for diverse nations and regions, with support for seven languages currently available.

This translation service will integrate existing Google translation technology with Transformer-based language models, allowing for the rapid translation of the in-app text (XML or CSV files), store listings, and product descriptions into multiple languages.

Previously, developers could utilize machine translation on the Google Translate web page, but this was limited to 5,000 characters, necessitating the purchase of an API for translating larger volumes of text. With Google’s new translation method, this limitation is eliminated, and the inclusion of an enhanced language model promises to improve translation accuracy.

For developers, the most tangible benefit is the cost savings derived from not requiring API usage or human translation services. Additionally, translating products into multiple languages can facilitate entry into international markets, and improved localization can help attract a broader audience.

To utilize the new translation feature, Android developers simply need to upload the primary language of their application in string format and select their desired target languages. Google will then automatically translate the text into the chosen languages, allowing developers to download the results and integrate them into their applications.

Initially, Google will offer free translation for seven languages (Simplified Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish) and plans to expand to more languages in the future.

At present, the translation service is not yet available to all developers. Those interested must register on the official website and await approval.