Google Chrome will provide 18 months of support on Windows 7

The Windows 7 operating system, which has been released for 10 years, will end its life cycle this week. After the end of support, Microsoft will no longer provide any security updates to this version.

Google Chrome, which has the highest browser market share, usually does not support the operating system that has reached the end, and Google Chrome corresponding to the platform will also stop updating.

For example, if you want to use Google Chrome on the Windows XP platform, you must use the old version many years ago, because the new version cannot be successfully installed on this platform.

Now that Windows 7 is going to stop supporting, can I continue to install the latest Google Chrome? To this end, the official Google blog announced the Google Chrome support plan.

Google Chrome 70

According to Google’s instructions, Google Chrome for the platform will provide 18 months of additional support to install the latest version after Windows 7 reaches End-of-Life.

Google said that providing an additional support cycle will help users transition smoothly so that users can continue to enjoy the safe browsing experience brought by Google Chrome.

On average, Google Chrome releases multiple security fixes each month, which are mainly used to fix potential security vulnerabilities found in Google Chrome components.

As the browser with the highest market share in the world, quite a few attackers are targeting Google Chrome’s potential security vulnerabilities in an attempt to attack users through the vulnerabilities.

Therefore, the use of the old version after Google Chrome stops supporting it will pose a high-security risk because the discovered security vulnerabilities will be disclosed publicly.

Google said that users who want to continue using the secure Google Chrome should arrange an upgrade plan and should not continue to use the operating system that has ended support.