Google Chrome will allow you to move a Chrome tab to another browser

Google Chrome is currently testing new features in the Canary version, a feature that allows users to drag tabs to other browsers to continue running. According to guessing, this may be a feature that Google Chrome provides for developers. Developers may need to test the compatibility of multiple browsers when conducting code testing. For example, Google Chrome has a stable version, a beta version, a development version, and a canary version. These versions can be installed in parallel and the developers can also test separately.

The new experimental project is the hybrid browser tab we mentioned, which can move tabs between different browsers. In terms of description, the function may be that the user drags and drops the already opened tabs on different browsers, and this function also supports the cross-platform operation. However, this feature on for testing but there is no practical effect at the current stage. It is not clear when the Google development team will launch this feature.

Interested developers can download and install the Google Chrome Canary and launch the Chrome://flags/#mix-browser-type-tabs option. When Google Chrome starts testing this feature, it will help to improve development efficiency.

Via: ChromeStory