Google Chrome is pre-connected to Google Search to make the loading speed faster than other search engines

Google Chrome for Android contains a feature that makes Google search an unfair advantage in the competition. Of course, Google itself is the default search engine.

But in front of competitors, not only is the default search engine, but Google Chrome will also pre-connect to Google search so that the search speed can be significantly improved.

Developer Daniel Aleksandersen recently discovered a feature called PreconnectToSearch while wandering around the Chromium browser open source project code.

After enabling this feature, the Android version of Google Chrome will preemptively connect to the default search engine, including resolving domain names in advance, negotiating, and establishing a secure server connection.

Hidden Chrome Features

For users, no matter which websites they visit with a browser, the steps they go through include resolving domain names, negotiating secure server connections, and returning results.

These steps take time. Similarly, when users search for content through Google, they also need to resolve domain names, negotiate connections, send query content, and return results.

The pre-connection function enabled by Google Chrome establishes a connection with the default search engine in advance, and the user only needs to send the query content and return the result when using it.

Pre-connection can help users save a dozen seconds in the case of a slow network, and can help users save half a second in the case of a fast network connection.

This optimization can obviously help users improve the experience and save time, because most users are unwilling to wait, and users expect faster loading speeds.

However, Google Chrome will check the default search engine in advance, and only if the default search engine is Google Search, the pre-connection function will be automatically turned on.

For users of the Android version of Google Chrome, if the default search engine is set to Google Search, its loading speed and experience may be better than other searches.

Especially when the network connection speed is slow in underdeveloped areas, if users use Google Search as the default search, the loading speed will be faster and the experience will be better.

Considering that Google Search itself is the default search engine, if users are used to switching to other search engines, they will find that the connection speed is slower than that of Google.

Obviously, Google’s operations are unfair to other search engine providers, which will cause more users to be reluctant to switch to other search engines.