Google Chrome for Android is about to add screenshot editing function

As early as Android 9.0, Google has added an editor function for screenshots. After screenshots, you can click the picture to perform simple editings, such as adding text and coding. This simple editor allows users to quickly edit screenshots, obscuring unwanted or non-public content and sharing it with others. At the same time, Google also recently updated the Google Photos app to bring similar editors. The purpose of these editors is to make users not rely on special editing software.

Qualcomm Google Chrome ARM

According to the XDA Developer Forum, an editor appears in the newly merged code of Chromium Gerrit. The editor is used for Google Chrome screenshots. However, from the perspective of code functions, this editor is not only used for picture editing but also supports screenshot editing and calling the sharing menu for sharing. It looks like Google Chrome is ready to use its own screenshot menu and provide easy editor and sharing, instead of calling the Android screenshot option.

In terms of features, the relevant code has just been merged into the development thread, so it may not be available for a short time, and this feature seems to only support Google Chrome for Android. At the same time, Google did not mention Windows, Linux, and macOS versions, so Google Chrome may not add support for this feature on these platforms.