France requires iPhone 12 to be removed from shelves due to excessive radiation

Recently, the French National Frequency Agency (ANFR) issued a declaration stating that the electromagnetic radiation levels of Apple’s iPhone 12 exceeded European Union standards. In light of this discovery, Apple has been instructed to momentarily withdraw the phone from the French market until a resolution is procured.

The ANFR, as the regulatory body overseeing wireless device markets, recently assessed 141 Apple iPhone units to determine if their specific absorption rate (SAR) adhered to stipulated benchmarks, amongst which the iPhone 12 was included. The culmination of these evaluations revealed that the iPhone 12 had a limb SAR of 5.74W/kg, surpassing the EU’s threshold of 4W/kg, an excess of a notable 43.5%. The findings were then disseminated to pertinent regulatory entities in neighboring nations, potentially catalyzing a domino effect.

iphone 14 purple

The ANFR has exhorted Apple to promptly initiate all requisite measures, temporarily halting the iPhone 12 sales. Moreover, the tech giant is mandated to address and rectify this oversight within a designated timeframe for the units already in consumers’ hands, ensuring their compliance with extant regulations. Failing this, Apple might face an enforced product recall.

Apple, in its defense, has expressed skepticism over the ANFR’s findings, challenging their veracity. Apple contends that since its 2020 launch, the iPhone 12 has garnered validations from numerous global institutions, affirming its compliance with all pertinent regulations and standards worldwide. In a bid to validate its stance, Apple has presented findings from both its in-house and independent third-party laboratories to local authorities, attesting to its compliance.

At this juncture, it remains ambiguous whether this revelation is an isolated incident or if the tested iPhone 12 models are inherently flawed. Insiders have alluded to the possibility that the ANFR’s testing methodologies might diverge from Apple’s or other institutions, which could consequentially skew the ultimate results.