Firefox 92 to support AVIF images by default

The submission record shows that Mozilla tried again to enable AVIF image decoding support in the Firefox browser by default.AVIF is a new image format based on AV1, developed by the open-source organization AOMedia, and Google, Microsoft, and Netflix are members of it. At the beginning of last year, Netflix announced that they had chosen AVIF as their next-generation image compression encoding format to replace the currently used JPEG. Later, Google also added support for AVIF in Chrom 85. Microsoft has supported AVIF in Windows 10 at the end of 2018.

Mozilla Firefox 69

In fact, Firefox has tried to enable AVIF by default once before, but due to some bugs that could not be solved, the function was not released in Firefox 87. Now, although some issues have been fixed, this feature still only supports non-animated AVIF files. However, the developer believes that the content implemented so far has covered most of the AVIF use cases, and this is the most valuable content and format for users, so it is worth publishing and adding color space support to it

If nothing happens, Firefox 92, released around September 7th, will support AVIF images by default.