Tue. Jul 7th, 2020

File Explorer has an issue in Windows 10 version 1909

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Microsoft is currently pushing Windows 10 Version 1909 updates to more users, and new features in this release include improved search capabilities. When performing a search in the File Explorer, it is reasonable to say that it should be faster and the classification is more accurate. You can also see the file preview in the drop-down recommendation and so on. Frankly speaking, this improvement is still very good for users who frequently search for files, but this feature is currently found by users to have serious stuck problems.

In the Microsoft community, there are user feedback that the search box of the resource manager is sometimes stuck, and if the situation is serious, the entire system may even be stuck. This user indicates that it takes a long time for the cursor to appear when the search box is clicked, and only the cursor appears before the content can be normally retrieved for retrieval. At this time, the entire file resource manager will be stuck. This problem may also cause the system to become stuck. At this time, the user only needs to use the shortcut key combination to open the task manager and restart the resource manager to recover, but the same situation will occur when searching again.

However, Microsoft has not confirmed the problem so there is no good solution. However, you can use Task Manager to restart the File Explorer process and address the search issues.

Via: windowslatest