Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

Will Fedora make nano as the default editor?

1 min read

Recently, Fedora developers discussions on use Nano as the default text editor for Fedora. A similar suggestion was discussed once last year, and it is now discussed again whether Fedora should use Nano instead of Vi by default because Vi is currently used as the default editor in git commit and other CLI-based text editors. And for those who switch to Fedora and don’t know how to use Vi, it will undoubtedly increase the barriers to use.


Developers who support this proposal believe that using Nano as the default editor does not require users to have professional knowledge, which is more user-friendly and makes Fedora easier to use. Because Nano provides a graphical text editing experience that everyone is accustomed to, users can use it without professional knowledge. Otherwise, even for basic editing tasks, users need to spend time learning how to use Vi, which increases the use cost to some extent.

According to the new proposal, Nano will become the default text editor, but Vi will still be installed on Fedora to provide it to interested users.