Facebook has sold users’ private message to many top technology companies

The social network giant Facebook has been in trouble for a long time and there is still a situation of continuous deterioration. After the data leak, more irregularities of Facebook have also been revealed.

Facebook’s so-called users can control their own data, which is actually a ghost, and Facebook even sells the user’s private record to other companies for data marketing.

And the participation in Facebook user data sales almost all foreign technology giants, including Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, etc. are all involved.

These top partners of Facebook will sign a partnership agreement with the company, which seems to have a formal agreement that the agreement allows partners to access the data.

For example, Microsoft’s Bing search can directly view the account names and actual names of all Facebook users without the user’s consent.

Yahoo, which has already been acquired, can directly view all the posts of Facebook users, and can also directly obtain the real names and contact information of Facebook users.

The video site Netflix and the music site Spotify seem to be more insane with Facebook’s agreement, and these companies can read the user’s private messages directly.

Although Facebook always emphasizes that users can completely control their own data, no one knows exactly where this full control of Facebook is.

Facebook’s abbreviated form of data sharing to partners is subject to user consent and is generally formulated directly in certain user terms.

After all, few users really read the so-called usage agreement or terms, but there are actually a lot of things that are not in the terms of use.

Even Facebook’s privacy policy executives said in a recent interview that they have cancelled the cooperation of many partners. If there is no problem, why cancel?

Internal documents show that Facebook has helped Apple to hide data usage traces from Facebook users, that is, Apple can still obtain data after the user cancels the so-called authorization.

Specifically, the user can change the account settings and cancel all sharing settings, and the Apple device can continue to access the user’s contact number and calendar entries.

Amazon can obtain the Facebook user’s friend name and contact information through a dedicated data interface, of course, the user’s own information will also be exposed.

Via: theverge