Exchange Server 2013 will stop being supported in April, Microsoft reminds enterprises to upgrade as soon as possible

On October 11, 2012, Microsoft released Exchange Server 2013, and now, 11 years later, on April 11, 2023, Microsoft will stop supporting Exchange Server 2013.

Exchange Server is a mail service provided by Microsoft for enterprises to build their own mail servers according to their needs. However, judging from the situation in recent years, the frequency of serious vulnerabilities in Exchange Server is quite high, so it is very necessary for enterprises to install updates in a timely manner.

After April 11, 2023, Exchange Server 2013 can still be used, but Microsoft will no longer provide any security updates, which means that even if security vulnerabilities appear, Microsoft will not fix them. Therefore, one month before the expiration, Microsoft once again issued a reminder, suggesting that enterprise IT administrators immediately upgrade and should not continue to use Exchange Server 2013.

Microsoft recommends that enterprises upgrade to Exchange Server 2019 or Exchange Online, which still provides security support. In addition, Microsoft prefers that enterprises migrate to the cloud, that is, use the Exchange Online version. For enterprises willing to migrate to the cloud, Microsoft provides the FastTrack tool, which can seamlessly migrate local resources to the cloud.

On April 11, 2023, Exchange Server 2013 will receive its last update and will no longer receive any functional or security updates, and Microsoft will not provide any technical support.