EPYC Genoa-X with 3D V-Cache specifications revealed, boasting a cache capacity of up to 1.25GB

In November of last year, AMD introduced the EPYC 7004 server processors, codenamed Genoa. Naturally, the complete lineup was not unveiled at that time. This year, AMD is set to launch Genoa-X with 3D V-Cache, featuring up to 96 Zen 4 cores and over 1GB of L3 cache.

Wccftech has provided detailed information on two AMD EPYC Genoa-X CPU models, one an ES product number 100-000000892-04, and the other a retail sample 100-000000892-06. Both processors utilize the SP5 socket and have a B1 revision, with identical fundamental specifications. The core configuration is the same as existing Genoa models, boasting 12 CCDs and 1 IOD. However, these Zen 4-based CCDs are equipped with 3D V-Cache, each providing 96MB of L3 cache.

For AMD Genoa-X processors, this results in a total of 96*12 = 1152MB of L3 cache, in addition to 96MB of L2 cache, culminating in an overall cache capacity of 1248MB. This is 2.6 times that of standard Genoa processors and a 56% increase over the previous Milan-X, with a processor TDP of 400W that can be reduced to 320W based on requirements.

In terms of frequency, the Genoa-X processor’s maximum clock speed is 3.7GHz, equal to that of the current EPYC 9654, a 96-core model. The maximum temperature limit is 100°C. The top-tier product is the EPYC 9684X, alongside the 32-core EPYC 9384X, 24-core EPYC 9284X, and 16-core EPYC 9184X. Like the previous generation Milan-X, these processors are designed for cache-optimized workloads and are expected to enter the market in mid-2023.