DOJ admits that the agency’s Microsoft O365 was hacked in the Solarwinds supply chain attack

Although the Capitol violence in the United States this week has attracted attention, the investigation into the SolarWinds supply chain attack that occurred before has not stopped.

Previously, including Microsoft, Cisco, and Nvidia have admitted to being infiltrated by hackers, and now the US Department of Justice has confirmed that the agency has been hacked inside after an investigation.

The US Department of Justice stated in the latest report that the Microsoft Office 365 mail system used by the agency was hacked and some data was stolen after investigation.

However, the agency also emphasized that only ordinary office systems were attacked by hackers, and any confidential systems and confidential information within the agency were not stolen in this incident.

The US Department of Justice stated that the Microsoft O365 mail system used by the agency was hacked. Specifically, about 3% of the agency’s employee accounts were hacked.

The purpose of the hacker seems to be to steal the internal mail communication data of the organization, especially the documents related to the telecommunications policy, which is the focus of this attack.

Earlier, the FBI and the National Security Agency blamed Russia for the attack, but the Russian side stated that it has never launched an attack.

The US Department of Justice stated that the hacking will be continued to investigate and evaluate potential negative effects.

Via: ZDNet