Developers successfully run Windows 10X on Apple M1, Surface Go and Lumia

The Windows 10X Build 20279 version was originally an RTM version, but after Microsoft discovered that this version had a problem, it abandoned this version and is developing a new version.

What’s interesting is that this abandoned version candidate image has been leaked in advance. Although it is an emulator image, it can be converted after a series of complicated operations.

For example, some developers have converted it into a VHDX disk image file that can be installed on a virtual machine, and some developers directly deploy it on a physical machine. It should be reminded that the deployment of the simulator image on a physical machine is relatively complicated.

Not long after the release of the Apple M1 chip based on the ARM architecture, developers used the QEMU virtualization software to run the Windows 10 ARM version on the M1.

Microsoft has not released a regular version of Windows 10 that supports the ARM micro-architecture, so currently only the Windows 10 ARM version with limited functions can be installed virtually.

Now the Windows 10X version runs successfully on the Apple M1 chip through the virtualization software. After testing, some developers found that the performance after the virtualization operation is generally good.

It needs to be emphasized that the Windows 10X version supports both the ARM architecture and the x86 architecture, and perhaps it can be installed directly on the M1 without virtualization in the future.

Developers through the WoA project successfully installed Windows 10 ARM version on some Lumia devices, and now Windows 10X can also run successfully.

The developer stated that the Windows 10X version is currently running well but there are several limitations and issues with Wi-Fi, touch, and drivers.

There are also developers who successfully run the Windows 10X version on Microsoft Surface Go, which is an entry-level tablet launched by Microsoft.

This device is relatively low in configuration and has a long release time. The hardware performance is not very good, but it can be used after installing the Windows 10X version. However, the developers found that there are still some problems such as the wireless network, touch screen, and driver.

Via: windowslatest