DaVinci Resolve for iPad is now available

Since the birth of the iPad Pro, Apple has been intentionally pushing it towards productivity, trying to make users realize that the iPad can not only be used for games and entertainment, but also for working. It can also show its talents in office and creation, especially when the iPad Pro is equipped with a powerful M-series chip, and “tablet productivity” has become a hot topic.

However, considering the closed nature of iPad OS and the richness of related applications in the App Store, the iPad still needs to work harder if it wants to become a more general-purpose productivity tool. With the recent launch of DaVinci Resolve for iPad, it can be said that the iPad has taken a big step towards this goal.

Image: Blackmagic Design

Like DaVinci Resolve on the desktop platform, DaVinci Resolve for iPad is a free download, and can also be upgraded to the studio version for a fee to have more features. As for the interface and functions, DaVinci Resolve for iPad also strives to be consistent with the desktop version, allowing creators to have an experience similar to that of a computer as much as possible.

Of course, this kind of editing and color correction software has high hardware requirements, so in terms of compatibility, Blackmagic Design recommends using an iPad equipped with M1 or above SoC to get the best experience. Although the iPad is equipped with A12 Bionic and before M1 SoC and updated to iOS 16 system can also be downloaded, the highest resolution of the project can only be 720P, and some functions are also limited.