Custom Color Explosion: PS5 Slim Unveils Molten Metal Trio at CES

In October last year, Sony introduced a sleeker, lighter version of the PlayStation 5 Slim, featuring a detachable optical drive and an entirely redesigned stand. Sony stated that the new PlayStation 5 console was designed to meet the evolving needs of gamers, packing the same functionality into a more compact form.

As reported by TechPowerup, at CES 2024 this year, Sony showcased new custom-colored covers for the PlayStation 5 Slim, available in red, blue, and silver, priced at $54.99. These covers, along with matching DualSense wireless controllers in the same hues, are expected to hit the market soon.

Sony’s strategy doesn’t come as a surprise. Roughly a year after the original PlayStation 5’s release, Sony had already introduced five custom shell colors (black, red, pink, blue, and purple). This time, the PlayStation 5 Slim seems to have received these accessories even quicker.

Unlike the standard white shell that comes with the PlayStation 5 Slim, these new custom-colored covers feature a completely matte finish, rather than a combination of glossy and matte. For those who prefer matte or satin finishes, these covers offer an appealing option. However, under the bright lights of the exhibition hall, some shiny reflections are noticeable.

Previously, the official Sony PlayStation announced that since its launch in November 2020, the global sales of the PlayStation 5 had surpassed 50 million units as of December 9, 2023. Furthermore, reports suggest that the PlayStation 5 Slim is currently performing well in sales, even outpacing the original version.