CORSAIR will launch the RMx Shift series of power supplies

CORSAIR is planning to launch a new line of power supplies called the RMx Shift. According to the naming method, this power supply is a revision of their RM series power supply.

As indicated by the Shift in the name, the biggest feature of this power supply is that the interface originally located at the rear is moved to the side of the power supply. This will solve an awkward problem that often occurs in some space-constrained enclosures: The position of the power supply compartment and the 3.5-inch hard disk compartment are too close. When the power supply is installed, a large number of cables will occupy the space of the hard disk compartment.

However, it is still unclear whether the connecting wires equipped with the RMx Shift series power supply are the regular version or the version with the right-angle interface. Generally speaking, the latter will be easier to install and manage cables, after all, most cases do not have a lot of side space.

The series will include three models, RM1200x Shift, 1000W RM1000x Shift, and RM850x Shift, corresponding to the rated power of 1200W, 1000W, and 850W. They are both Intel ATX 3.0 certified and 80PLUS Gold certified.

They use the new CORSAIR Type 5 Gen 1 interface, including a 24PIN motherboard power supply, a pair of 4+4 PIN CPU power supply, 16PIN 12VHPWR graphics card power supply, six 6+2 PIN PCIe power supply, and several SATA power supplies.