CORSAIR Announces 2022 HXi Series Power Supplies

Corsair released the 2022 HX1500i and HX1000i full-module ultra-low noise ATX power supplies. The new product has passed the platinum certification of Cybenetics and 80PLUS and has high-efficiency performance, which can meet the power supply needs of current top platforms.

The new 2022 HXi series power supply efficiency is as high as 92%, which consumes less power and generates less heat under the same load. With three EPS12V connectors and fully modular cables, it supports accessories such as high-power processors and graphics cards well. Equipped with a 140mm high-performance fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) fan, with Zero RPM mode, which can turn off the fan under medium and low load, which makes this power supply not only excellent in heat dissipation but also extremely quiet. Using industrial-grade electrolytic capacitors, built on an all-digital platform with resonant LLC topology and DC-DC conversion, the performance is stable and reliable.

In addition, the 2022 HXi series power supplies also support the Modern Standby sleep mode, which can achieve extremely fast sleep wake-up and better efficiency at low loads. Supports iCUE software to control fan speed and power settings, as well as fine-tuning, such as custom fan speed, real-time monitoring of power output and efficiency, and instant switching between single-rail or multi-rail overcurrent protection (OCP).

CORSAIR said that it will provide a ten-year warranty for the 2022 HX1500i and HX1000i power supplies, and it is not yet clear the specific launch date and price.