Cooler Master will launch new Mobius 120 series fans

The new Mobius 120 series fans have recently appeared on the official website of CoolerMaster, which is divided into Mobius 120 and Mobius 120 ARGB. Cooler Master says that the Mobius series fans are designed for quiet operation of the whole machine and are perfectly balanced with excellent cooling capacity.

Image: Cooler Master

According to the introduction of Cooler Master, the new Mobius 120 series adopts a new Ring Blade Design (RBD), which uses a better rigid structure, which can effectively reduce vibration and allow the fan to run more stably and smoothly. Angled inner frame rim with chamfered side vents boost airflow draw, maximizing force-induced air pressure and diminishing dead air. The oil flows back to the sealed bearing to create constant lubrication against friction and increases the life span of the fan. In order to reduce noise, relevant optimization work has been done, and it has been fine-tuned to an ultra-low noise level below 6 dBA to obtain the best mute effect without sacrificing heat dissipation performance.

It is not yet clear what Cooler Master will release the Mobius 120 series fans, and how much the specific price will be.