Cooler Master showcases the “Cooling X” case

Cooler Master showcased the “Cooling X” water-cooled case at CES 2023. Its main feature is that the heat dissipation scheme used is a scheme that integrates the water cooling and heat dissipation of the CPU and GPU, and the side panels of the chassis can also serve as heat dissipation fins.

According to TechPowerUp, Cooler Master is patent-pending for this unique desktop PC case, the main feature is that the liquid cooling of the CPU and GPU in it is not limited to a few closed-loop AIOs, rather, it’s a massive liquid cooling loop, and even the side panels of the case itself serve as additional cooling surfaces. How do these compact fanless cases design their case panels to achieve proper cooling? According to reports, Cooling X is developed by designing its aluminum body panel to form a coolant channel, thus supplementing the traditional liquid cooling radiator behind the fuselage.

The size of Cooling X is 266 mm x 149 mm x 371 mm (LxWxH), which is relatively compact overall. At the same time, the chassis is equipped with an AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-core processor, and a Radeon RX 6800 XT graphics card, as well as up to 64 GB of dual-channel DDR4-3200 memory, two 2 TB M.2 NVMe solid state drives, and an 850 W 80 Plus Gold SFX power supply.
Cooling X is currently just a code name and has not been confirmed as the name of the case, and Cooler Master aims to further the concept of Cooling X by combining the high-performance gaming/creator desktops it sells. It is understood that Cooler Master has not yet given the price and time to market Cooling X, but it is expected to be launched later this year.