Cooler Master releases Hyper 212 Halo air-cooled radiator

Cooler Master announces the launch of the new Hyper 212 Halo air cooler. This latest addition to the popular Hyper 212 series has evolved and reached new heights through the integration of advanced cooling fin and fan technology.

The Hyper 212 Halo air cooler measures 124 mm x 73 mm x 154 mm, featuring a stylish design with an aluminum top cover available in both black and white color schemes. Its compact design ensures widespread case compatibility without sacrificing performance. Equipped with four heat pipes, the reimagined mounting bracket simplifies installation on the latest platforms, supporting Intel’s LGA115x/1200/1700 and AMD’s AM4/AM5 platforms.

The accompanying MasterFan Halo² series fan measures 120 mm x 120 mm x 25 mm, with fan blades enlarged by 10%, improving airflow and cooling performance. Utilizing a rifle bearing, the hybrid frame structure ensures stability without impeding operational space. The upgraded driver IC enhances cooling performance while minimizing fan noise, with a maximum rotational speed of 2050 RPM, maximum airflow of 51.88 CFM, the maximum static pressure of 2.89 mmH2O, and a noise level of approximately 27 dBA. Featuring dual-loop LEDs and addressable RGB control, each LED can be customized. Additionally, Cooler Master provides a second set of metal clips for users to install extra fans, further improving cooling performance.

Cooler Master indicates the Hyper 212 Halo air cooler is priced at approximately €38, though the release date remains uncertain.