Cisco confirms that the company has also been hit by the SolarWinds supply chain attack

The hacker attack on the American network management software company SolarWinds is currently continuing to investigate, and network equipment manufacturing giant Cisco has also confirmed that it is affected by the SolarWinds supply chain attack.

The network management software developed by SolarWinds is used by more than 18,000 government agencies and enterprises, and hackers penetrated into SolarWinds’s intranet as early as last fall.

After the hacker successfully penetrated, the backdoor program was added to the software development platform of SolarWinds, and the software update of SolarWinds was pushed to the intranet of a large number of end customers.

The first to be exposed were the subordinate agencies of the US Department of Commerce and the US Treasury Department, and then Microsoft also confirmed that it was infiltrated by using SolarWinds software.

exposed PIN code

Network equipment manufacturing giant Cisco said in a statement that the company used a popular software internally from Texas-based SolarWinds Corp.

After investigation, it is confirmed that about two dozen laboratory computers in a Cisco lab have detected related backdoor samples.

However, it seems that the SolarWinds software installed by Cisco engineers is not used to manage the network. It may be only for security inspections or compatibility tests.

The good news is that the Cisco intranet and the equipment produced by Cisco have not been infected by viruses, so the use of network management software or hardware provided by Cisco will not be affected.

Cisco said that the attack will not have any known impact on the company’s products and prices, and Cisco is currently investigating such issues with the highest priority.

Via: BloomBerg