Sun. Sep 20th, 2020

Chromebooks will support Windows dual boot soon

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Google is developing a feature codenamed Campfire that adds Windows 10 dual-boot support to Chrome OS, allowing users to experience Windows 10 systems from Microsoft in their Chromebook. As you can see, this feature is very similar to Apple’s Boot Camp feature – allowing users to run Windows on their Mac devices.

Of course, this does not mean that all Chromebooks have the ability to install dual systems, because computer manufacturers need to prove to Microsoft that the device can run Windows 10 stable, but most of the current Chromebook configuration is only equipped with small storage capacity (32GB or Less), but the recommended specifications for the code must have at least 40GB of space.


As a result, foreign media speculated that the Campfire feature initially only supported expensive Pixelbooks, which might be pushed to other Chromebook devices in the future.

For a Chromebook with hardware requirements, if you can run Windows 10, it is straightforward to start. This feature is not required to be achieved through developer mode or flashing firmware, because it is disclosed in the code. The new mode can be enabled with a simple command.

Google has held a new product launch in the past two years, but whether the completion of this Campfire feature can catch up with this occasion is still unknown. Being able to run Windows 10 on a Chromebook product is a major strategic shift for Google, which officially allows its own products to allow users to choose a competitor’s operating system in addition to the simple and more secure Chrome OS.

While Google has always claimed that Chrome OS can lead to a more straightforward and safer experience, the sales of Chromebooks are less than those of other mainstream Windows systems, so Campfire might be a compromise for Google for those who want to use Windows on their Chromebooks.

Linux commands and Android apps are now available for Chrome OS, but if you can support Windows 10 in the future, Chromebooks will become a viable option for professional users.

Via: xda-developers