Chrome, Edge, Safari were beaten by white hats in Chinese hacking contest

Last weekend, the Chinese hacking contest, Tianfu Cup officially began in Chengdu, and hackers from China won the championship in this war. In two days, Chinese hackers attacked popular software using the vulnerabilities they discovered. The goal of the game is to exploit the vulnerabilities that have not yet been discovered to attack the software and eventually take over the software. If the hacker takes over, they will not only get the corresponding score but also get a real cash reward.

The rules of the Tianfu Cup are basically in line with the world’s top hacking contest Pwn2Own. The first season was held in the fall of 2018. Hackers cracked software such as Edge, Chrome, Safari, iOS, Xiaomi, VirtualBox, and Vivo.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft’s Edge browser has been penetrated three times, but the good news is that the version used in the game is the version of the Microsoft EdgeHTML rendering engine that is currently in use on the market. As we have been reporting, Microsoft is testing a new version of the Edge browser based on the Chromium engine to replace the existing version and will be officially launched on January 15, 2020. In the game, Chrome was also taken control twice, Safari once.

Via: ZDNet