Chrome brings “Enhanced Protection” to Android

Enhanced security protection features have been provided on the desktop version of Google Chrome, but until now this security protection feature has not reached the Android version of Google Chrome.

This new security protection function is designed to perform multiple security checks on the webpages loaded by users, which can help users avoid most phishing or other malicious websites.

However, at this stage, Google has not directly introduced this feature to Android users. If users want to use this feature, they need to manually turn on the relevant experimental options.

In the Android version of Google Chrome, enter chrome://flags in the address bar to open the experimental options, and then enter “Safe Browsing Enhanced Protection on Android” and “Safe Browsing Section on Android” words to search for related options in the top search box.

Modify the default option to enable and then restart the browser according to the prompt. After restarting the browser, click the menu to go to the privacy and safe browsing of settings.

Next, you will see that the default safe browsing level is standard protection, you can manually switch it to enhanced protection and view the instructions for different levels.

Via: techdows