ASUS launches ProArt LC 420 all-in-one liquid cooler

ASUS announced the launch of the ProArt LC 420, marking the first all-in-one liquid cooler under the ProArt brand. Like other products within the ProArt line, the LC 420 elegantly fuses professional, advanced technology into a sophisticated and understated design, specifically tailored for creators seeking high performance, low noise levels, and a stylish aesthetic.

The ProArt LC 420 features a high-performance three-phase motor paired with Noctua fans, and notably, it does not include RGB lighting effects. The water block’s top cover subtly displays real-time system status, embodying ProArt’s minimalist approach while showcasing exquisite design aesthetics. As one of the few 420mm liquid cooling solutions on the market, the ProArt LC 420 delivers formidable cooling performance, with a harmonious blend of high efficiency and low noise extending across all aspects of the product. Its use of 450mm reinforced tubing for the coolant lines offers enhanced flexibility for users during installation.

ASUS states that the release of the ProArt LC 420 further enriches the ProArt family’s product line, enabling professional creators to build PC systems that boast exceptional performance and a sense of refined quality.