ASUS Announces GeForce RTX 4090 ROG Matrix

ASUS has heralded the advent of its brand-new GeForce RTX 4090 ROG Matrix graphics card, touted as the most powerful RTX 4090 design to date. This formidable device comes equipped with an integrated 360mm water cooling system, and ASUS affirms that this latest innovation boasts the highest overclocking frequency among all RTX 4090 graphics cards. A sneak peek of this exciting piece was given by ASUS prior to Computex 2023.

According to Wccftech, ASUS asserts that the GeForce RTX 4090 ROG Matrix is their finest Ada Lovelace GPU design thus far. It features a seamless metal frame with an appealing shroud that emanates RGB lighting effects. The card itself is devoid of any fans and is supported by a metal bracket at the rear which accommodates the fluid pipe connection. The cooling demands are entirely met by the integrated water-cooling solution. It is complemented by the ROG MF-12 ARGB series of fans, similar to those employed by the recent ROG Ryujin III series of integrated water coolers. These fans feature a magnetic connection, facilitating effortless handling by users.

In this graphics card, ASUS has utilized liquid metal, a departure from some laptop designs. Given that gamers may employ different methods and orientations when installing a graphics card, its design needs to account for stability, ensuring first-rate cooling performance under all circumstances. To this end, ASUS has implemented a unique adhesive barrier around the GPU. The default power consumption of this graphics card is 550W, which can be amplified to a maximum of 600W, a capability already verified by NVIDIA.

The GeForce RTX 4090 ROG Matrix graphics card features three DP ports and two HDMI ports, outstripping similar products with an additional HDMI port. The card measures approximately 28 cm in length, and ASUS advises reserving at least a 35mm gap to ensure sufficient bending space for the fluid pipe. The exact release date and specific pricing for this graphics card remain uncertain at this time.