ASPJinjaObfuscator: Heavily obfuscated ASP web shell generation tool


A heavily obfuscated Windowsbased ASP web shell generation tool utilizing the power of Python’s Jinja2 templating engine. Generates a web shell with randomized variable/function names and HTML strings of random lengths, XOR encrypted strings with base64 encoding, a random amount of newlines, a random amount of VBScript/HTML comments with a random amount of random strings, and a random encryption key per generation. Tested as bypassing the latest version of Windows Defender as of 04/22/2024 with Cloud-delivered protection enabled.

ASP web shell


git clone
pip3 install -r requirements.txt


Run the program with no commandline arguments from the directory where the script and the Jinja2 template is installed, it will then generate a randomized web shell named output.asp. The program will ask you what commands you would like to run, type them into the program in plaintext and it will give you the encrypted versions. It will automatically copy them to the clipboard, paste these encrypted commands into the web shell, it will decrypt, and then run them.

Copyright (c) 2024 Dylan Evans