Arcadegeddon is the first game that supports FSR technology on both PS5 and PC platforms

If there is a game that suddenly announces that it supports AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) technology after the update, it is not surprising. Even if it is announced that FidelityFX Super Resolution and DLSS will be supported at the same time, it will not be surprising. After all, Necromunda Hired Gun has done it, and by the end of this month, “Edge of Eternity” can do it too.

Recently, the multiplayer shooting game “Arcadegeddon” for PC and PlayStation 5 platforms announced that both versions of its two different platforms will support FidelityFX Super Resolution. This will be the first home console game to support FidelityFX Super Resolution, and it will even be ahead of the Microsoft Xbox platform.

You know, when AMD announced FidelityFX Super Resolution, Microsoft said in an interview that it was excited about using FidelityFX Super Resolution technology on the Xbox platform to improve frame rate and performance at high resolutions.

Less than a month later, Microsoft announced the integration of FidelityFX Super Resolution into the Xbox Game Development Kit (GDK), supporting Windows, Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One(X). In contrast, Sony has never announced that FidelityFX Super Resolution will be included in the game development kit.

According to the update log of the “Arcadegeddon” version 1.0.3 patch, in addition to FidelityFX Super Resolution, the PlayStation 5 version of “Arcadegeddon” also enables TAAU by default, and the PC version provides FidelityFX Super Resolution and TAAU setting options. At present, version 1.0.3 of “Arcadegeddon” has been launched. In addition to the support of FidelityFX Super Resolution, there are some balance adjustments, stability improvements, and a new maximum frame rate option.