Apple’s Silent AI Powerhouse: MLX Framework Unveiled

Following announcements from industry giants like Google about the launch of new artificial intelligence applications, Apple has discreetly unveiled a high-efficiency machine learning framework named MLX, specifically tailored for its chip products.

Apple’s foray into the artificial intelligence market has been relatively quiet compared to Google, Microsoft, and the rising OpenAI. The company has revealed MLX, a high-efficiency machine learning framework crafted for its proprietary chips. This July, there were rumors about Apple developing a chatbot called Apple GPT, powered by a large-scale natural language model named Ajax, which could potentially enhance Siri’s digital assistant services.

Awni Hannun, a member of Apple’s machine learning team, disclosed that MLX is an open-source framework offered to developers, designed in harmony with Apple’s chip products to cater to various computational needs. Although Apple has previously invested in AI technology, its pace seems more measured compared to Google and Microsoft, and even the burgeoning OpenAI. However, this does not imply that Apple is lagging in this technological arena.

According to a report by The Information, Apple has been heavily investing in AI technology development since September last year, with substantial efforts directed towards the development of machine learning applications. Internally, Apple is also reportedly working on a chatbot service known as Apple GPT, powered by a large natural language model called Ajax, which could potentially be integrated into the Siri digital assistant service, making it even smarter.

However, with Google’s recent introduction of the large natural language model ‘Gemini’ and Microsoft and other players offering AI technology applications like Copilot, the question arises: can Apple emerge victorious in this competitive arena of automated AI technology? This remains a focal point of interest for many.