Apple’s latest MacBook seems to have a very serious audio problem

Apple’s latest MacBook may cause audio problems for advanced users, and in fact, devices with T2 chips may have similar problems. Devices affected by this issue include iMac Pro, Mac Mini 2018, MacBook Air 2018, and MacBook Pro 2018.
The original T2 security chip was designed to improve the security of devices and systems, but some unexpected software problems are affecting users in the professional audio field.

Apple T2 security chip

According to the CDM analysis, the problem is mainly caused by “issues with the way the new chip synchronizes timing causes dropouts and glitches in the audio stream. (It seems basically all USB 2.0 audio interfaces will be impacted. This of course, unfortunately, leads users to blame their interface manufacturer, but the fault lies with Apple.)

So the temporary solution to this problem is to turn off the system’s automatic time-of-day service, just turn off the system’s preferred automatic setting date. A lot of users have raised this issue in the professional audio user community, and it has been available since the release of the new MacBook last year. Of course, some users have feedback to Apple but have not received a reply. Apple has not released a software update to fix this problem a few months later.

In terms of software quality, Apple suffered a lot of criticism last year, and it is so that Apple reduced the speed of iOS function and focused on improving stability.

Via: CDM