Apple’s AR headset development team wants the device to be worn all day, No need to carry a phone

Recent rumors have suggested that the AR headset that Apple has been developing for many years is coming soon. Dubbed the “Reality Pro,” the device has many iPhone and iPad-like features, an iOS-like interface, and the ability to connect to a Mac and use it as an external display. It supports eye tracking, can be gestured, and can even create and publish AR applications for the headset through Siri.

According to Wccftech reports, Apple’s AR headset will enter mass production in March, and a press conference has been carefully prepared for this. Apple executives believe the AR headset could eventually replace the iPhone as Apple’s signature product. Its development team sketched out a scenario where an AR headset could be worn throughout the day without the user needing to carry around a phone or laptop.

However, the initial price of Apple’s AR headset may be very high, rumored to be as high as $3,000, and the first-generation product is likely to have some problems that need to be resolved in subsequent versions. As the world is facing the risk of economic recession, many companies are laying off employees recently, and quite a few potential customers will consider saving money. If the product is not attractive enough, it is difficult for them to spend so much money on an immature product.
It is reported that Apple will announce the launch of the AR headset before WWDC 2023 this year. If Apple succeeds with AR headsets, it will encourage more potential competitors to choose the same technology route and develop similar products.