Apple will remove the “Do Not Track” feature in Safari

Apple mentioned in the recently released iOS 12.2 Beta release log that the company will gradually remove the anti-tracking feature of the Safari browser.

Image: MacRumors

The Do Not Track feature is a feature that is supported by almost all current browsers. The Do Not Track (DNT) header is the proposed HTTP header field DNT that requests that a web application disable either its tracking or cross-site user tracking (the ambiguity remains unresolved) of an individual user.

However, this feature is only a recommendation and not legally mandatory, so the actual situation is that there are not many ad networks that will comply with this rule.

In view of this Apple believes that the feature is actually outdated, there is no need to continue to support, so Apple will also gradually remove it from the Safari browser.

The Do Not Track option that was originally included in the original Safari browser in the iOS 12.2 beta has been removed and users can no longer continue to open via settings.

At the same time, Apple has developed other tracking options to help users protect their privacy. Of course, users can also install ad-blocking software on iOS to block.

Via: MacRumors