Apple will launch a redesigned AirPods this year, the second-generation AirPods Pro will have to wait until next year

Since AirPods was launched in 2016, after 5 years of development, wireless Bluetooth headsets have become very common mobile phone accessories. Many manufacturers are trying to launch a large number of low-to-high-priced wireless headphones, but Apple has slowed down its pace. Except for AirPods Max for high-end users last year, Apple’s mainstream positioning of AirPods and AirPods Pro are actually products in 2019. Of course, they are also said to have plans to usher in an update for the entire headphones products this year.

In fact, the news of the new AirPods has been rumored since the beginning of this year, and it seems to be true online. Recently, Bloomberg also received news from the source that Apple is sure to update AirPods this year, and the second generation of AirPods Pro will be launched next year.

AirPods 3

“AirPods” by LoKan Sardari is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

And as with the previous rumors, Apple’s new AirPods will switch to the shape of the AirPods Pro, that is, the earphone handle is shortened, but it will remain flat-headed, and the new rechargeable battery box will follow the change. As for the second-generation AirPods Pro, it is still unclear whether the shape will change, but it is said that dynamic sensors will be added inside for fitness purposes.

Finally, AirPods Max will not launch a new generation of products this year. After all, its price is relatively high, and it is not a very popular product at present. Apple may only launch new colors for it this year. The new AirPods will probably be announced at the WWDC21 held in early June at the earliest, so if you are going to replace the new earphones, you should pay attention to it.